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Permit system for Port of Dover bound freight traffic

New measures in place for Summer 2024 to ensure haulier compliance with Operation Brock 

Why is this system being introduced?

A new permit system has been introduced to prevent hauliers from ‘rat running’ and dodging the queues in Operation Brock as they head to the Port of Dover.


Whilst the vast majority of freight drivers adhere to the rules of Operation Brock, there are hauliers who contribute to delays elsewhere in the county by attempting to skip the queues.


Stepping up compliance measures to ensure that freight drivers stick to the traffic management plan and do not circumnavigate Brock will reduce congestion and make all journeys to the Port of Dover more straightforward.

It will also reduce the need for the sudden closures of the A20 Roundhill Tunnels and help keep local roads flowing more freely in busy periods.

When does it come into force?

The permit system will be in force from 10 July 2024, when Operation Brock is introduced on the M20 motorway in readiness for a busy summer getaway period. It will be used as soon as Dover TAP is instigated, and Operation Brock is being actively used to control the flow of freight to the Port of Dover. Lorries will only be released from Brock when there is enough room in TAP.

How will the permit system work?

Freight drivers MUST follow the correct route on the M20 and collect a permit at the front of Operation Brock. If they do not, they WILL NOT be able to access the Port of Dover.

  • Permits will apply to Port of Dover bound freight drivers only and will be issued at the front of the Operation Brock queue.


  • Permits will be checked at the A20/B2011 Courtwood Interchange in Dover TAP. If drivers have a valid permit, they will be allowed to re-enter the TAP queue on the A20 and continue their onward journey to the port.


  • If they DO NOT have a valid permit, they will be turned back to join the Brock queue


REMEMBER: no permit means no access to the Port of Dover

What happens if hauliers try to bypass this system?

Kent Police and the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency can issue on-the-spot £300 fines to lorry drivers stopped attempting to avoid the traffic management system. Teams are stationed at points along the Kent road network to enforce the legislation and redirect portal-bound freight traffic to the back of the Brock queue on the M20.

What arrangements are in place for local hauliers and deliveries?

  • Local HGVs and deliveries WILL NOT be pulled off the A20, but allowed to continue their journey, with passenger and local traffic, onwards into Dover.


  • Those Kent hauliers that qualify for the Local Haulier Permit will be sent this shortly, ahead of the busy summer period.


  • There is no need to apply for a Local Haulier Permit as, if you fall within the catchment area, KMRF already has your details.



Further information

For more details visit our Haulier Permit System FAQs page

For enquiries about these measures email: 


For more details about KMRF's traffic management system visit our Traffic Management FAQs page 

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